July 28, 2021

Jessica Evans Alaskan Brown Bear

The alarm on my phone begins chiming at 5:30 am as the sun fights to light up the sky, waves crash on the beach, and the […]
September 11, 2020

How do male black bears live life during the hunting season? A study in Wyoming is seeking to answer just that. 

As many black bear hunters are aware, there has long been a belief that large male black bears get to be large by avoiding the use […]
August 28, 2020
Back Pack Black Bear

Backpack Black Bears

Bear hunting comes in all shapes and sizes and ranges from the southeastern most points of the lower 48 all the way to the grass covered […]
May 20, 2020

A Textbook Bear Stalk

There I was… the clock struck 4:00 PM on a Wednesday. “Just one more email, then I’ll go bear hunting,” I told myself. Besides, it was […]
April 3, 2020

Some Good In All The Bad

We trust you are all fairing well during these trying times.  It is no doubt a crazy time in all our lives.  We have had some […]
November 15, 2019

2019 Wyoming Spring Bear Harvest Data

January 23, 2019
Black Bear

A New Low

On December 19th, 2018 The Western Environmental Law Center filed a sixty-day notice of intent to sue for violating the Endangered Species Act. Western Watersheds Project […]
January 15, 2019
Wyoming Grizzly Bear Regulations

Can We Bear The Bias?

We are thrilled to announce to all of you this great event we are co-hosting in Bozeman, MT.  The Western Bear Foundation has partnered with the […]